Visions of Heaven

My Growing Up
July 14, 2011, 3:48 pm
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I grew up in the country, surrounded by nature.  There were hundreds of acres of evergreen forest stretching down to an isolated beach that eventually led to the Pacific Ocean.  I was blessed to be born into a family that not only believed in God, but in the supernatural. From a young age, my mother shared various events with me.  Two of her stories stuck in my mind.

The first was from when I was quite young.  She told of her waking one night to find her bedroom full of light, but not able to understand where it was coming from.  She got out of bed and looked out the windows to see it was a dark night.  She realized the light was coming from something in the room.  It looked to coming from something on her.  She took her nightgown off, and it fell to the floor, away from the light.  She realized it was her own body from which the light was emanating.

Several years later, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She went through the prescribed treatment at the time, chemotherapy, which was very hard on her.  After months of praying, begging God for a miracle, one night her desire was granted.  She awoke in the middle of the night, and had very strange sensations in her body, and knew deep inside she was healed.  On her next weekly visit to the oncologist for her chemotherapy, she told him what had happened.  He decided it best to continue the treatment in spite of her feeling healed.  Although prior chemotherapy treatments had been rough on her, that treatment, she said, nearly killed her, confirming to her that she’d been healed.  She remained cancer free for decades afterward.

Those two stories have stuck with me throughout my years as being pivotal in my belief that God is there and God listens.

I leaned on those stories as I grew up in the Christian religion.  My mother sought to be with those that also believed in the supernatural.  We went to special meetings of people like that – led by a variety of very dynamic preachers who inspired many.  What they all said I do not well remember, as I was wanting to believe that the supernatural was not only for yesteryear, but for today.


My visions

Over a period of a couple of decades, I’ve been blessed with being able to see into the spiritual realm.  I have discovered I can go to heaven, again and again and again, and will be able to do so until the day I die.  These are the stories of how I got there and a bit of what I’ve seen to date.  I’ve been there literally thousands of times, and as I age like anyone else, my memories fade, become blurred, or are forgotten with time.

On one trip to heaven, I asked what it meant to honor your father and mother, one of the ten commandments.  I was told that to do so one recounts the good things that happened.  Through this blog I want to honor our Creator by recounting the wonderful things that have happened to me.  I hope to capture as many as I can in hopes that some will bless and encourage others.