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Ebook released on Amazon
September 7, 2011, 3:34 pm
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Today I received confirmation from that the book is now available in the Kindle format on their site.  It’s been a long road, with lots of effort to create these two versions of the ebook, and I’ve let the blog postings slip behind a fair bit in order to focus on the publications.  I hope to refocus more energy back into this blog site as I gradually shift away from ebook conversions.


ebook released on B&N

The ebook of Adventures In Heaven, by Mike Mason, has been released in Nook format on the Barnes and Noble site.

The Kindle version should be released soon, as it’s nearly done.

What happens to those new to heaven

“Tell about what happens when a person passes on.  Tell them what you’ve seen up here as they enter into heaven,” God spoke to me.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet a few people shortly after they passed away here on earth.  Usually they’ve been a bit surprised to see me, as they are aware I’m still here on earth.  I’ve asked them what it was like once they arrived, and their stories have varied a bit, but there’s been quite a few similarities, enough so that I can write some generalities of what happens.

First they reported having become aware that they are in heaven, as there is the serenity, and the feeling that everything is fine for them, that they’re in the right place, and there’s nothing to fear.  Usually this is out in the rolling green grassy hills somewhere outside the city of God.  They look their all time best, and usually in white robes of some sort, not a heavy material, but very light and hardly noticeable.  They appear ageless, or more like timeless, as you can’t see worldly evidence of aging, such as gray hairs or wrinkles.

As they take in their surroundings, they become aware that there are people around them they have once known but have passed on ahead of them.  Usually it’s a parent, grandparent or sibling.  Sometimes only one person or a few might trickle by one at a time, sometimes a few all at once and sometimes many in almost a crowd.  It seems to really depend on how comfortable the person is with themselves being there.  I don’t think it’s related to the trauma of death (or lack thereof), but more so how sure of themselves they have been during their earthly lifetime, or maybe how comfortable they are with being in God’s presence.

For one grandmother of mine, there was nearly no change in her loving and gentle personality.  In her earthly life she tended her flower gardens and served others with great compassion and humility in many ways.  Once in heaven, she wandered around enjoying the beauty of the rolling hills and eventually wandered over to meet God.

I met another grandmother of mine within hours of her passing.  She was always down to business while on earth, but not the least pushy or aggressive.  When she got to heaven, she was amazed to see me there, and we chatted a bit.  She questioned me more and more about why I was there, and I told her I was one of God’s priests and come to see him regularly there in heaven, while still being alive on earth.  Then she asked, “Where is God?”  I directed her how to find him, and she was off immediately to see him, which to me was quite surprising that she had that much pluck.

I saw her again a week or so later, and she had visibly changed – I don’t know exactly how to explain it other than she just appeared more glorious – the words escape me.  Her visit with God had really changed her, as well as her time spent exploring and learning things from a new perspective.  I had a question for her from my father who had been going through her estate, and was missing some very important papers.  She looked a bit puzzled, and looking at the ground with her hand on her forehead in deep thought, she said, “Things from over there are growing so dim now, I have to really think about it.”  She paused, then said, “Oh, I put all those insurance papers in the desk drawer beneath the phone.  There’s some hanging files there, and if you pull them forward, you’ll see the envelopes laying flat on the bottom of the drawer in the back.”  (Later I called my dad and had him look there, and sure enough that’s where they were!  To this day, I don’t know why he never asked me how I knew.)

Others I’ve met have been quite taken aback at the thought of going to see God, thinking they shouldn’t bother him, or should be in some kind of trouble deserving of a thorough tongue lashing or worse.

God just wants the best for us, and to see what we’ve learned living our lives, no matter how short or long.  A part of God is within each of us, and God wants to know how well we’ve listened to that part of us, or how listening to this has affected us.

Adventures In Heaven – the eBook
July 6, 2011, 7:55 pm
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Years ago, after I began sharing with people of having visions of heaven, I was invited to speak at a small gathering in British Columbia, Canada.  One of the people there was quite intrigued by the stories I shared.  Little did I know he was a best selling author.  Mike Mason and I kept in contact, and after a time of getting to know one another, he asked if he could write a book about the visions.

Mike and I worked for quite a while on the book, which became Adventures In Heaven.  It covered part of the history of how it all came about and where it took me for the first few years.

We printed a few copies back when it was finished to see what kind of reception it would get.  Mike contacted numerous publishers, but being as it’s a book all on it’s own, the publishers Mike contacted didn’t feel it fit their readership well.  So here we are more than a decade later, again self-publishing, but this time in the much more affordable format of an eBook.

Watch this blog for the upcoming announcement about Adventures In Heaven.  Soon to be released as an eBook!


“I know all things,” God said to me.

“How can you know all things when it seems like you don’t know when a traffic light is going to turn red?”

He patiently waits for me to continue.

“When I’m out driving, you tell me to keep going when I see a green light, but then the light turns red before I get to it and I have to stop.”

“What would happen if I told you the light was going to turn red?”

“I would quit trying to get there so fast – I’d take my foot off the pedal and coast.  It would save energy.”  I was trying to think of practical reasons why he should tell me the future.

“How do you feel about it?  What happens to hope?”

“I would lose hope of making the light, and that in turn would make me feel like I’m going to be late.”

“When the light does turn red, and you are sitting at it, how do you feel?  What happens to hope then?”

I had to think about that a moment.  “Well I have a different kind of hope.  I know the light is going to turn green, but I don’t know exactly when.  I just know it’s going to eventually turn green.”

“Which hope makes you feel the best?”

“I feel more motivated when I see that I can reach a goal in front of me – I see the green light and going through the intersection before it turns red gives me a goal I can see.  Sitting at a red light, I can’t see the goal, I only know it’s coming.”

God smiles warmly at me.  “I want you to have the hope that makes you feel the best – the one that keeps you going.”

My visions

Over a period of a couple of decades, I’ve been blessed with being able to see into the spiritual realm.  I have discovered I can go to heaven, again and again and again, and will be able to do so until the day I die.  These are the stories of how I got there and a bit of what I’ve seen to date.  I’ve been there literally thousands of times, and as I age like anyone else, my memories fade, become blurred, or are forgotten with time.

On one trip to heaven, I asked what it meant to honor your father and mother, one of the ten commandments.  I was told that to do so one recounts the good things that happened.  Through this blog I want to honor our Creator by recounting the wonderful things that have happened to me.  I hope to capture as many as I can in hopes that some will bless and encourage others.