Visions of Heaven

Why I See What I See
October 3, 2011, 7:12 pm
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As I came before my Creator, I looked around, and saw a few milling around in the throne room.  I saw the four creatures, or Seraphim, as one man millenia ago called them, but I didn’t see the ’24 elders’ yet another man saw centuries later.

“Why do you see what you see?”, God asked me.

A bit puzzled, I replied, “I’m not entirely sure.”

“You see what you see because it is for you to see.  It’s to prepare you to learn. The four creatures do what I made them to do. But I don’t need to see them. I don’t need crowds of jubilant creatures worshiping me day and night.  I don’t need 24 elders affirming my position.

“If you or someone I created were to sit upon this throne, that’s something you might need.  It would be affirmation that you were in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.  But, since I created all this, I know that what I made is the right thing.

“So, be open to new things I might have you see.  Don’t limit your view of heaven by what you think it should look like.  You won’t be able to perceive the truth from that which your mind creates.

“For each person that comes here, from whatever place, or whatever time they come from, they see what they need to see at the moment.  They hear what they need to hear.

“Be open to what I have to show you, and be receptive to what others see and hear, and report in their stories.

“I love all of you, equally.”


Of Cleansing of a Haunted House and of Angels
July 24, 2011, 1:13 am
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Wouldn’t it figure that the first house I ever bought in my life turned out to be haunted?  Before I ever started having visions like I still have today, I sought God for guidance all the time, any way I could, and I sought the supernatural as well, in healings and other concrete expressions.

Newly married, I moved into the house with my wife at the time, and things were just oppressive there.  I did some research and found out that a prior owner some years earlier had been from another country, and being part of the royal family of that country, enjoyed the freedoms of diplomatic immunity.  Years earlier, the house had been known for outlandish parties celebrated in their local style from whence they came.  That left a very uneasy presence in the house, and we felt it.  It turns out that these odd prior owners had dug out a huge basement room under the house, and that’s where we felt darkness the strongest (I don’t know how else to say that – it was just more oppressive down there).  It was like something horrible had happened down there, like a heinous crime or something like that.

The first thing I felt led to do was to mark the house with oil, in similar style to what was in the Bible about the original Passover.  One day, after much prayer, I felt very strongly to get the biggest mixing bowl we had, pour in a quart of olive oil (what else? Olive oil is common in the Middle East), and using a big basting brush from the kitchen, go outside and wipe the oil on the sides and tops of all the windows and doors, all the while declaring it to be a house dedicated to God.

We got all ready and opened the front door to step outside to begin.  We had to stop and take a breath and say, “Do we really want to do this right now?”  Of course we said, yes, as it must be a sign from God.  All the neighbors were out on both sides of the street as far as we could see.  We could see something like 20 houses from our front porch and there was someone outside at all of them, many of them looking at us.  Even the old man right across the street came out for a spin in his wheelchair and oxygen bottle – we saw people we had never seen before and we’d lived there for a short time before this event.  We went through with it in full view of everyone.

It helped quite a bit with brightening the atmosphere around the house.  But we weren’t out of the woods yet.

We prayed and prayed and asked God to surround the house with angels, and that helped as well.  We and others began seeing angels visibly around the property now and then.  One event stands out to me that was especially touching.

One night we had my then-wife’s sister over to spend the weekend with us.  That first we sat in the living room, having a wonderful spiritual discussion and opening up between sisters that was beautiful to watch.  As we continued we felt a strong darkness coming over the house, so we began to pray earnestly, asking God for protection and to fill the place with light.  Suddenly an angel came in the room and chased things we could not see out of the room, slashing with a slender sword he carried.  First he went in one direction, then another, and yet another, each time coming back to the room we were in.  Then he came over to me and whispered in my ear, “the baby will be ok”.  Puzzled by what he said, I shared this with my wife and her sister.  It turned out the sister had seen him too, and as we shared descriptions, it was clear we saw exactly the same things done by the same angel.  My wife, who was 9 months pregnant and due any day, saw nothing, but only felt a peace spread over herself as we prayed.  Good thing, I thought, as I think if she’d seen the angel, she might’ve been scared into labor!

What the angel said did not make sense until a little over a day later, when my wife did go into labor.  This was our first child, and there were complications.  Many hours into labor, the baby’s heart monitor showed him going into distress, and his heart rate began plummeting – he was dying before our eyes!  As the doctors quickly prepared for an emergency C-section, I began crying, but then remembered what the angel told me, and a peace came over me.  Quickly they had my son’s heart rate back up to normal and a few minutes after that, he came into the world a healthy child.

That angel’s face is one I will never forget.  I’ve seen him a few times since then, and am always careful to listen to him if he chooses to speak to me.

My visions

Over a period of a couple of decades, I’ve been blessed with being able to see into the spiritual realm.  I have discovered I can go to heaven, again and again and again, and will be able to do so until the day I die.  These are the stories of how I got there and a bit of what I’ve seen to date.  I’ve been there literally thousands of times, and as I age like anyone else, my memories fade, become blurred, or are forgotten with time.

On one trip to heaven, I asked what it meant to honor your father and mother, one of the ten commandments.  I was told that to do so one recounts the good things that happened.  Through this blog I want to honor our Creator by recounting the wonderful things that have happened to me.  I hope to capture as many as I can in hopes that some will bless and encourage others.